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Dawson and Albany Georgia | Long Term RV Rentals

Things to do between Dawson, GA, and Albany, GA for long-term RV campers and travel nurses.

If you are choosing to stay at Extended Stay RV America in Dawson, GA you may be wondering

about something to do during your long-term RV stay. Well, you are in luck, the area offers a great

balance of tranquil retreats, plenty to do, and quaint small-town charm.

Let’s start in Dawson, GA. This quaint small town, just a few minutes north of Extended Stay RV

America, is loaded with charm. With a population of around 4,000 people Dawson has things to do but

is a far cry from being crowded. Downtown is loaded with respectful old buildings that transport you

back in time, with the Terrell County Courthouse being the crowning jewel. This towering brick building

is a fantastic representative piece of high Victorian architecture. Complete with porches covered by

giant granite arches and adorned with a five story clock tower, this is a must see structure. The town

itself is situated amongst a seemingly endless repetition of rolling farms and lush hedge rows, the

landscape is American as apple pie. Speaking of pie, if you are looking for a unique eating experience

while on your long term rv stay, try some of these options. The Farmhouse at 619 Martin Luther King Jr

Dr, Dawson, GA 39842 does everything right with BBQ. Mama Rita’s Mexican Kitchen at 922 Forrester

Dr SE, Dawson, GA 39842 has a great blend of authentic Mexican cuisine and the staples you would

expect and want. If you are looking for southern buffet style food, then you have to try out Paul’s Little

Supper at 245 Stonewall St SE, Dawson, GA 39842. Of course the town has all the essentials a travel

nurse or transient worker may need as well. A quick search will show you a multitude of fast food

options, grocery stores, laundry mats, and places to buy propane and general goods.

Moving right next door to the RV park, you will find Sasser Georgia. Don’t miss the little

diamond or its incredible and unique spots on the map. The downtown stretch is flanked by brick faced

store fronts that will have you romanticizing a time before corporate chains and big stores. Be sure to

check out Sasser Premier Outdoors at 125 US-82, Sasser, GA 39885 for any of your outdoor or hunting

needs. Placed in a newly renovated gas station they have you covered from hunting supplies to atvs.

They also carry Bronwood beef, raised and grass-fed local, for you grilling aficionados. Another must see

local spot is Mark’s Melon Patch located at 8580 Albany Hwy, Dawson, GA 39842. This roadside farm

market always has the freshest produce and gets especially lively in the fall with all sorts of activities.

The fried peanuts, fresh picked fruit, and family fun of Mark’s Melon Patch is less than one mile from

Extended Stay RV America.

Albany Georgia is the largest city in the area and offers all the convinces one could look for.

From the mall, movie theaters, a wide variety of restaurants, to a regional airport and multiple

universities, this city of 70,000 people is just 12 miles south of our park. Additionally, the Phoebe

Putney Memorial Hospital headlines a robust healthcare network in the area. However, don’t think

there is nothing particularly unique in Albany though. While visiting our “big city”, be sure to check out

the Flint RiverQuarium, the Albany Museum of Art, the Chehaw Park and of course, the Ray Charles


The proximity of these towns and their various offerings make Extended Stay RV America in

Dawson, Georgia a fantastic RV campground for traveling workers, travel nurses, and anyone who needs a long term RV park to stay in. If you are still looking for something to fill your time while at our

campground, stay posted for more articles detailing some specific adventures in the area.


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